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                          We’re at the heart of financial services. And our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We develop solutions to meet their challenges. We recruit the best. We build partnerships and invest in innovation to help them seize new opportunities.

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                          State Street

                          Our clients are looking to the future. We’re helping them get there.

                          We’re responsible for more than 10 percent* of the world’s assets. Large enough to serve more than 100 markets, we’re local enough to deliver on the ground. This means we’re closer to the world’s investments; closer to the communities where we operate; and closer to the clients we serve.

                          Our clients face big challenges. Where to look next for growth. How to use the insights from their data. Which functions to outsource. It’s those challenges that inspire our solutions. Tapping into the power of our technology, people, insights and experience, we’re creating new ways to help you reach your goals. It’s what we call “asset intelligence.” And it’s shaping our way ahead.

                          State Street and McKinsey Global Institute, Global Capital Markets, January 2019

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                          listen. It's a New Way of Talking

                          listen. It’s the New Way
                          of Talking

                          From explosive innovation and new technology, to social change and market disruption, our industry is teetering on the edge of an extraordinary evolution. But with an inundation of trends vying for your attention, it can be hard to know where to begin.

                          With listen we’re helping you stay on top of cultural shifts and newsworthy trends by providing context to the global narrative shaping our industry.

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                          Planning Ahead

                          Fresh perspectives

                          Backed by strong corporate governance and business line oversight, our framework of continuity and incident management plans help us maintain critical business functions and minimize financial risk.

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                          Power of Partnerships

                          Power of Partnerships

                          We don’t pretend to know everything. But we do know who to work with. Our partners are vital to making sure you get a service that does exactly what you need.

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                          Celebrating Success

                          Celebrating success

                          We always do the best work we can. Awards are a sign that it’s some of the best work in our industry. Take a look at the ones we’ve won in the last few years.

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                          Leading with Integrity

                          Leading with Integrity

                          As a global financial company, the work we do has a big impact on the markets we serve and world we live in. We believe in forging vendor relationships that align with our ethical standards.

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