Global Inclusion and Diversity

                          You’ll find that inclusion and diversity are strategic imperatives at State Street. As a global company, we value the qualities — experiences, interests and capabilities — that make our more than 30,000 employees unique. With our Global Inclusion program, we work to make you feel engaged and valued by recognizing and applying your unique talents.

                          Learn more about Inclusion & Diversity at State Street

                          Below are just a few of the programs offered through Global Inclusion:

                          • Flexible Work Program
                          • Global Mentoring Program
                          • Various employee networks and affinity groups, a grassroots foundation for our inclusion efforts
                          • Sponsorships of external events and organizations focused on diversity and inclusion
                          • A formal Work/Life Program to help you balance your professional life and personal responsibilities
                          • A recognition program for employees who display best-practice inclusion behavior
                          • Inclusion-focused leadership initiatives, with a 30-member global working group
                          • Performance goals focused on inclusion-related behavior
                          • A Global Employee Engagement Survey, “Voices of Inclusion” program and other opportunities to share feedback

                          Employee Networks

                          Employee networks include employees united around a common goal, seeking to help shape our future with their unique perspectives. These networks create volunteer, career development and cultural opportunities aligned with members’ goals and interests, including:

                          • Asian Professionals Group
                          • Bible Study Group
                          • Black Professionals Group
                          • Boston University Alumni Network
                          • Canadian Black Professionals Group
                          • Canada Global Inclusion & Diversity
                          • Catholic Employee Network
                          • Community of Professional Practice (COPP)
                          • Disability Awareness Alliance
                          • Employee Preparedness & Response Employee Network
                          • Environmental Sustainability Employee Network (ESEN)
                          • Flexible Work Employee Network
                          • Global Inclusion Canada
                          • Global Toastmasters Network
                          • Indian Employee Network
                          • International & Cultural Exchange Network
                          • Irish-American Professionals Network
                          • Italian-American Employee Network
                          • Italian American Professionals Alliance
                          • Jewish Professionals Network
                          • Language Practice Network
                          • Latin American Professionals Group
                          • Military Employee and Family Network
                          • Muslim Employee Network
                          • Paris African Network
                          • Professional Women's Network
                          • Sacramento Running Team (SacRun)
                          • State Street Connect
                          • State Street Executive Assistants Network
                          • State Street Professional Accountants Networking Group
                          • State Street Global PRIDE and Friends
                          • State Street Good Reads
                          • Women's Information Network
                          • Working Parents Group
                          • Year Up Network


                          Our people power our organization, and our sustainability depends on meeting our employees’ diverse needs while also addressing business needs. With a more flexible work environment, we can achieve positive outcomes for both.

                          When possible, flexible work arrangements can help you balance work and personal commitments with alternatives to the traditional workday, the standard workweek or the traditional workplace. Our formal Flex Work Program offers five possible flex work options: flex place (remote working), flex time, compressed schedules, reduced schedules or job-sharing.

                          Sponsorships and Partnerships

                          Around the world, we work with many organizations that provide you with career development resources:

                          Boston WINs

                          We launched Boston Workforce Investment Network (Boston WINs) in June 2015. Boston WINs is our multi-year $20-million venture philanthropy initiative founded and led by the State Street Foundation in partnership with five high-performing nonprofits focused on education and career development. Through this financial support and a collaborative approach, our partners will scale their reach so that more Boston youth will receive key services to prepare them for college and career success. Learn more about the Boston WINs program here.


                          Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting
                          Diversity Best Practices
                          Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
                          Human Rights Campaign
                          National Association of Black Accountants
                          National Association of Asian American Professionals
                          National Black MBA Association
                          Network of South Asian Professionals
                          Point Foundation
                          The Global Workforce Roundtable
                          The Greater Boston Morehouse College Alumni Association (GBMCAA)
                          The Massachusetts Conference for Women
                          The Posse Foundation
                          Urban League
                          YMCA Black Achievers


                          IMS LUXEMBOURG Association
                          Opportunity Now
                          Race for Opportunity
                          Women in Banking and Finance
                          Working Families
                          Parks – Liberi e Uguali
                          Women in Business – Poland

                          Asia Pacific

                          Women in Banking and Finance
                          Diversity Council of Australia
                          Pride in Diversity