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                          ESG Solutions

                          We understand that an integral part of your job is mitigating risk. With our ESG solutions, we’ve taken into consideration specific challenges relating to risk management for environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. With those in mind, our solution provides:

                          • Daily updates
                          • Multi-asset class coverage
                          • Data optionality – choose the ESG data right for you

                          Data Is at the Center of Our Solution

                          ESG factors such as a company’s carbon footprint, supply chain impact and board diversity are not statistics you’ll find in a traditional financial report, but they are of increasing importance in determining your exposure to risk.

                          We give you the information you need for comprehensive ESG reporting, with a clear view into your exposures relating to ESG non-financial risk. This offers better insight at the sector, region and company level, and helps you identify and highlight potential sources of ESG risk that may be overlooked when deploying traditional financial analytics.

                          About Our ESG Data:

                          Our ESG data combines analyst-driven insights with daily data refreshes on up to 200 ESG metrics. These metrics are extracted from 70,000 sources across 47 countries and 15 languages using web scraping, natural language processing and machine learning capabilities.

                          It's Powered by ESGX?

                          With our hosted platform, ESGX?, you can assess ESG profiles and risk factors in your portfolios. ESGX will display portfolio statistics through a suite of visualizations. You’ll be able to manage multi-asset class data for a more holistic and integrated view of your holdings. We combine vendor ESG data with your position-level data to provide comprehensive analytics.

                          ESGX Lets You:

                          • Compare ESG exposures and sustainability risks across portfolios.
                          • Benchmark portfolio exposure/return/risk against ESG indices that are available in the marketplace.
                          • Highlight sector, regional and/or company level drivers of portfolio sustainability risk/return through aggregation and/or disaggregation (i.e., drill down to the company level).
                          • Highlight the time evolution/trending of portfolio-level risk and/or performance that is correlated to ESG risk factors.
                          • Provide tools for assessing the impact of negative screens (e.g., own no tobacco-related firms), positive screens (e.g., seek out renewable energy firms), and ESG tilts on expected portfolio return, volatility and tail risk (e.g., down-weighting positions which contribute significantly to ESG-correlated portfolio volatility and tail risk).